Myanmar People Magazine

Myanmar People Magazine is all about THE people: people whom all of us love to know more about! For us, people we love include those who always make the news and headlines, set fashion trends, shape the world of music, lms and art, and above all people who inspire us to enhance our lives and others around us.

The magazine features the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, life-style issues, art and entertainment news, inspirational articles and many more. Myanmar People Magazine is also about taking bold steps: for the magazine itself and for others who are out there. We are the one and only magazine in Myanmar whose entire 200+ pages are printed in full color. This gives all images, fashion tips and beauty sections a boost in quality, which results in increased reader satisfaction.

Myanmar People Magazine has positioned itself as a leading trendsetter not only through its features, but also by hosting an annual “Miss People” style competition. “Miss People” is a highly anticipated event in town, and in the country, in which girls with beauty, style and con dence compete for their well-deserved attention and recognition. The “Miss People” Award winners and runner-ups from the rst three competitions all now have a rm foothold in the show business and fashion industry.